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It’s a simple law of physics, only exacerbated by my lack of time and money for travel… I can’t be everywhere! But you, my readers, ARE everywhere! So I’d like to ask for your help. If you’re reading this page, then there’s a good chance you know how difficult dining out can be while remaining SCD-compliant. Well, I want to change that, and I’m hoping you do too. Here’s how you can help: Anytime you dine out, write something up and send it to me. It doesn’t have to be a Pulitzer-winning bit of insightful critique…. just tell me about your experience. What did you order? What kind of questions did you ask? Were you successful? Would you eat there again? What was the price range of the restaurant? How easy was it to remain legal? Also, include some info on the restaurant… the name, maybe an address or URL. My hope is to compile those reviews here on this page, so that others like us can benefit from our experiences, and we can benefit from theirs. Eventually, when I have enough write-ups, I’ll compile them into a searchable database. In the meantime, I’ll post them there, grouped by City. Prices will be represented by a scale of 1-3 $ signs. More $ means higher prices.

So, waddya say? You in?

Please keep in mind that recipes change over time… don’t rely on other people’s  experiences as an indicator that particular dish is safe. You need to ask the server for confirmation!

Portland, OR

Meriwether’s – Have you been to Meriwether’s Restaurant in NW? I went for my b-day and give it a thumbs-up! Would love to see a review from you if you ever check it out! I started with the “Bee’s Knees” cocktail (gin, honey, lemon), then an appetizer platter of crab deviled eggs, “Oregonzola” stuffed dates and roasted walnuts, grapes and olives…all were bursting with flavor and YUMMY. Then a couple of salads…the scallop salad with greens, fennel and hazelnut crumbs and the beet salad with greens, spiced coconut and feta. The main dish was wild king salmon topped with delicate hunks of shallot butter served with fiddlehead ferns and a wild mushroom ragu (and fingerling potatoes – which I eat occasionally) along with a glass of Pinot Noir.

It was my b-day dinner and I could not have been happier! The service was excellent too!

Cuisine: French
Prices: $$-$$$
Address: 2601 NW Vaughn St. Portland, OR
Phone: 503-228-1250

-submitted by Emily

Lacey, WA

Safura’s Mediterranean Food – This family run business has been life changing for us.  They frequently make food for many customers with food allergies/stomach issues.

They have a recipes for Grilled Sesame Shrimp (Ella has them without the Sesame), Grilled Lamb, and Grilled Chicken Kabobs.   They use all natural ingredients and have eliminated any powders that would have starch fillers.

They have made a salad wtih a custom olive oil, squeeze of lemon, and fresh herb dressing.

For Vegetables they will do a mixed assortment of califlower, broccoli, carrots, and zuchinni.   They know to steam them fork tender and can put clarified butter on them at our request.  Ella has never been interested in the babaganoush (SP?) But they can also make one SCDiet legal.

If you are a patron looking for fast food then your better served somewhere else.  This is fresh, natural, and made to order.

I should point out that they always post their Food Inspection report because they are ultra proud of the 100% ratings they get each time.    We have ordered food from them for 10 years now.  Not once have they forgot something in our to go orders which are the most frequent.

We have recommended to some of our gluten intollerant friends to go there.   They order the “Ella” Shrimp, Lamb, or Chicken Kabob..and they know what to make as they are off menu SCD items.

Cuisine: Mediterranean
Prices: $-$$
Address: 4160 6th Ave. SE, Lacey WA
Phone: (360) 438-7898 ‎

Submitted by Brent

3 thoughts on “Readers’ Restaurant Reviews”

  1. This info is very depressing for me. After 6 years on the scd diet you are still hanivg this stuff happening to you? I am beginning to think the doctors may be right that it isn’t curable like leprosy or something. I just started the scd diet about 3 weeks ago and haven’t had any change of my UC diarrhea but I thought after a few months to a year for sure I would get my internals healed enough to go back to a normal diet and not have to go to the bathroom every half hour like usual. But after seeing you being on it for 6 bloody years and still suffering like this I don’t know where else to go. The scd diet is the last thing that I had not tried, and I was so hopeful it would work. I really hope it will, I can’t take this diarrhea anymore, I can’t live a normal life anymore.sorry to bother you, I really hope you get better. I hope your documentary brings us all some solution which will never come from the medical profession as there is no money for them in a food based cure.

    • Sanjeet, I’m not sure who you’re replying to here, but I would caution you strongly against making any assumptions about how well a therapy is going to work for you based on whether or not it worked for someone else. Some people respond really well to SCD, others don’t. Some folks find themselves able to go back on the standard American diet, while others can’t. Part of the reason doctors won’t talk about this stuff is the lack of clinical data, and I’d encourage you to have some caution as well.

      But let’s be clear…. there is no cure for IBD, so just drop that hope altogether. You absolutely *can* achieve remission of your symptoms, and live a normal life, by removing the factors that created the symptoms in the first place, but I promise you… if you then reintroduce those causational factors, you run a significant risk of bringing your remission to an end.

      I’m sorry that you’re feeling frustrated right now, and I totally understand why. But 3 weeks on SCD is just getting started. It took you many years to create the level of injury and inflammation that’s in your gut, and it’s going to take a long time to get it to heal. I can tell that in a year, I’ve gone from nearly debilitating Crohn’s symptoms to a very stable gut. I very rarely experience gut pain anymore, and when I do, it’s usually relieved by going to the bathroom. I’ve gotten back to a healthy weight, and I feel healthier (all over, not just in my gut) than I can ever recall feeling in my entire life. But it wasn’t easy to get there, and it involved emergency surgery. Everybody’s gut is different, and finding the right therapeutic approach for you is going to take time and patience. But more than anything, it’s going to take a positive outlook. If you give up hope on your gut, I promise you… your gut will give up on you.

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