SCD Restaurant Reviews

One of the greatest challenges of living the SCD lifestyle is the changes it brings to the social aspects of dining, especially when it involves going out for a meal. Restaurant dining is full of hazards, traps and gotchas. It also happens to be something that Diana and I enjoy terrifically, so there’s some obvious conflict there. It doesn’t help that Portland, OR is one of the most restaurant-dense cities in the entire country! Having said that, while there is no such thing as an SCD-friendly or SCD-legal restaurant (at least, to my knowledge), some judicious menu selections and well-directed questions can make an otherwise hazardous experience relatively safe.

I’ll be using these pages to document some of my dining-out experiences, as well as those submitted by readers. The hope is that a) if you’re considering adopting SCD, you’ll see some of the ways that I navigate restaurant dining, and b) if you’re already SCD but feeling discouraged, you’ll be able to have some touchstone as a reminder that yes, you CAN still have lovely meals with your friends and no, you don’t have to cook everything to do it!!

Please keep in mind that recipes change over time… don’t rely on other people’s  experiences as an indicator that particular dish is safe. You need to ask the server for confirmation!

So, without further ado, I offer you my own restaurant reviews, as well as those submitted by readers.

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