That’s it. I’m done. I’m done with feeling tired and bloated. I’m done with my pants not fitting. I’m done with being just on the cusp of a psoriasis flare. I’m done with feeling 70%. I’m done with bone-crushing fatigue that never goes away and has me falling asleep at work. I’m done with walking around in a fog and forgetting important things. I’m done with aches and pains that I didn’t earn. I’m done with all this shit.

I’m done.

So that raises some obvious questions. Most pointedly, this: What am I going to do about it?

Diet. It’s all got to start with diet. I’ve been drifting further and further away from flora-friendly eating for the last 18 months or so, and clearly it’s catching up to me in spades. Bone broth, proteins, limited carbohydrates. It all comes back to this.

So here’s my plan: This weekend, I’ll be making an extra big batch of bone broth. I’ll be roasting up some burger patties and chicken thighs. I’ll be advance-prepping a big ol’ pile of mirepoix. I’ll be making a giant batch of yogurt. Most importantly, I’ll be reading my own blog and my past food journals to reacquaint myself with what I was eating when I was thin, when I felt good, when my mind was sharp, when my skin was clear, and when my poops were regular.

If you’re reading this blog, you know what a big deal it is to go through the intro/die-off process. I’m fortunate that I’ll have some terrific spousely support, but I’ll take whatever else I can get. Who’s in this with me? Who’s ready to get back to fundamentals and take back control of their immune issues? Drift is human…. no matter how dedicated we are to a process, we will waver and drift in that commitment. If you’ve been needing an excuse to sharpen your saw and get back on your bandwagon and (insert metaphor here…), here’s an opportunity! What better time to try and hone your diet than the holidays, right?!?

I’m feeling super inspired right now, and I can’t wait to feel good again.