So I may not be posting much these days, but I’m still around, and I’m still reading articles. I stumbled across this one today:


Which, like so many articles we see coming out of industrial medicine, touches on some stuff that many of us already suspected. In this case, a) Out of control flora can have a big impact on the initiation and maintenance of autoimmune disease, and b) a leaky gut can allow those flora to escape the gut and invade other systems, causing even more problems.

On a side note, since sometimes people ask… I’ve been completely ‘off the reservation’ when it comes to my diet. For close to a year now. I blame the fact that we moved into a new place with a completely inadequate kitchen, though I must confess that there’s at least some degree to which that’s just a convenient excuse. Diana and I are moving house again at the end of this week, and we’re going to have a REAL kitchen again. Not only am I looking forward to being able to cook again, but I’m *really* looking forward to pushing the reset button. I’m about 98% certain that if I can get back on the low-carb bandwagon again, I’ll lose some of these recent 35 pounds, and gain back a lot of the energy that I had a couple of years ago. As it is, it feels these days like I’m carrying a bag of rocks around with me all the time… not so much that I feel my new weight, really (except when I try to wear clothes!) but more just in the sense that I strongly feel the weight of chronic fatigue. I’m always tired, and I’m damn tired of feeling tired! So stay tuned… I’d say there’s a reasonably good chance that the more active I am in the kitchen, the more active I’ll be here.