I’ve made frequent mention in past months of the local SCD support group that I’ve been attending. This month marked the 1 year anniversary of its inception, so we celebrated with a potluck! I can’t tell you what a joy it is to be able to go to an event with a diverse range of foods available and to know that everything on that buffet is legal!

The event was hosted at the location of Side By Side Catering, a new local catering company that works around specialized diets of all kinds. As soon as they have a website, I’ll be sure to update this post with a link. I also met Michael, of Gut Gourmet. Michael is a personal chef specializing in cooking for SCD clients and other folks with dietary ‘issues’.

Of course, what you REALLY care about is the food, right? Remember that batch of bone broth that I blogged about? I brought the last remainder of it in a crock pot. It was a hit, and I was glad that folks enjoyed it. Other deliciousness included:

  • a quiche with almond flour crust,
  • a broccoli, ginger, and beef stir fry
  • a baked chard casserole-kinda thing
  • a kale and roasted butternut squash dish
  • Julie, the group facilitator, brought some delicious chicken meatballs, and some bean dip with crudites
  • Dessert was an AMAZING hazelnut cake with espresso buttercream.

As you might imagine, I did not leave hungry!! Thanks to all who attended for your delicious food, and to those group members who didn’t make it… well, you missed out!! Many thanks to Julie for putting the group together and keeping it going, month after month! If you were there and feel like sharing, I’d love to post your recipes… drop me a line!