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It’s no secret to most of us struggling with our various and sundry autoimmune disorders that these syndromes are a result, at least in part, of our sanitized and over-processed First World lives. The world of conventional medicine has been…. shall we say, slower to embrace this idea.

Having said that, I’m running across more and more articles lately like this one:


I don’t know about you, but I find it incredibly encouraging to see reasonably legitimate articles talking about this. It’s not just a trite cliche to say that ‘we are what we eat’. It’s a truism. If we eat crap, our bodies turn to crap. Some of us more readily than others, perhaps, but it’s inevitable. Unhealthy food = unhealthy body.

Now, we need to start understanding, and talking about, the profoundly toxic aspects of our modern food chain. GMOs, processed foods, and corporate farming are going to kill us all eventually.