I’ve mentioned in the past my (sometimes unreliable) participation in a local SCD support group, run by one of my biggest fans (Hi Julie!). I’m especially excited about this week’s meeting, though, because we’re all going out to dinner together!

We’re heading out to a local ‘diner’ called Dick’s Kitchen. I say ‘diner’ because, although they serve burgers, fries, etc., they do it all with a very different take on the concept. They focus on locally produced, grass-fed beef, with particular support for Paleo and other low-carb diets. Yes, they have fries (both sweet potato and regular), but they aren’t requirements. Yes, they have bread, but again, not required. I’ve written a review of them a while back… you can read about it on my SCD Restaurant Reviews page.

I don’t want to end up overwhelming the place, so without Julie’s say-so, I’m not going to post up the info here, but if you’re interested in attending and aren’t already on Julie’s mailing list, get in touch with me and I’ll see about hooking you up.