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Where do your eggs come from?

I feel strongly about the importance of humane and healthy raising of farm animals. On the one hand, as stewards of the planet, it’s our duty to treat her and her denizens with love and respect. On the other hand, it is my firm belief that healthy, happy animals make better tasting, more nutritious food. Ultimately, there can be no ethical or health-based argument in favor of conventional, corporate farming techniques that makes any sense.

One of the frequent blind spots for us foodies is our poultry products. We often assume that, because it’s labeled ‘organic, free range‘, our chickens must be roaming the pastures, scratching in the dirt and eating grubs. Sadly, this isn’t necessarily the case. The article linked to here explores some of the ways in which farms conform to the letter of food law in order to call their product organic, but grossly violate the spirit of that law. Linked from that article is a super-useful chart rating the practices of many of the biggest poultry farms.

What are you thoughts on this? Are there any surprises here for you?