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I mentioned the other day that a local SCD coach had organized an SCD support group. Well, we held our first meeting last night, at a local naturopathic clinic, and I thought I’d jot down a few notes here.

Including the facilitator, Julie, and her husband, there were 9 people in attendance. Refreshingly, everyone showed up on time (despite bank robbery-related traffic snarls downtown! Seriously.. I can’t make this stuff up!). Julie came bearing snacks in hand, with a huge platter of sliced apple and a bowl of her salted caramel apple dip. It didn’t look like much (if anything, it looked kind of gross!), but slather that goop on some apple, and you have a formidably tasty treat!! Oh, I’m sorry… did you think that adopting SCD would mean no more caramel apples for you? Apparently, you were wrong! Recipe posted below.

After doing the usual ‘around the room introductions’, we ended up spending the majority of the time talking about effective strategies for starting the diet. I wouldn’t have expected such elementary material, but as it turns out, fully half of the folks there hadn’t yet started the diet, but were still in the research phase.

The crowd ran the gamut…. in addition to the pre-newbies, there were folks like me who’ve been at it for ‘a year or two’, and there were others with over a decade of SCD experience.

At the beginning of the meeting, Julie handed us each a 3×5 card and encouraged us to use it to jot down discussion topic ideas as the evening wore on. By the end of the meeting, I think I’d written down 6 or 7 things, including “RECIPES!!!”, substitutions and cooking techniques, use of the crock pot, how to navigate restaurants, and a couple of others I don’t recall just now. We all gave these cards to Julie at the end of the meeting, so I’m looking forward to discovering what other folks are anxious to discuss.

As often happens with these sorts of affairs, the discussion was finally getting going right about the time we had to shut things down. But I’m confident that as we all get to know each other a little better, we’ll be having some super-useful conversation.

My thanks go out to Julie for putting the group together, and to Pearl Natural Health for hosting it. I know there are several of you readers that are local, and I fully expect to see more of you at the next meeting!!! I’ll be posting up here when I know the details.

And now, without further ado, here’s a link to the recipe for the caramel dip, from the Paleo In PDX blog (of which I’d never heard and am now an avid follower!)