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I received an invitation today to participate in an upcoming summit for Crohn’s bloggers. The keystone speakers will be Ally Bain (of Ally’s Law, defining restroom access requirements) and her GI doc, Dr. David Rubin.

Topics up for discussion will include:

  • Day-today live with Crohn’s
  • The role of the internet and the 21st century patient
  • The importance of advocacy
  • 2012 Crohn’s & Colitis Awareness Week

I have no idea what to expect from this event, but I’ll definitely be taking part! The event is ‘hosted’ by pharmaceutical company UCB, so I won’t be surprised if there’s a fair amount of discussion regarding their biologic drug, Cimzia®, though that was not mentioned anywhere on the proposed agenda.

While I’m not entirely certain what the format of the event will be, I suspect that I’ll have the opportunity to put forth some questions for the panel. Given what I’ve told you, what are some questions you might like asked? I can’t promise that they WILL get asked, but I’d love to be able to have a variety of questions available when the Q&A begins.

I’ll be sure to post up another article after the summit with my notes! In the meantime, please leave a comment if there’s a question you’d like asked, and I’ll do my best to work it in!