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In my survey of Crohn’s Treatments, I wrote an article on fecal transplant therapy. I have been surprised to find that, over time, that article has been among the most popular I’ve ever written, bringing in many readers searching for more information. Clearly, this is a therapy with a growing presence in the zeitgeist. So I was pleased, but not totally surprised to see this article on CNN this morning.


It has nothing to do with Crohn’s, but I think it says something interesting about us as a culture that a source as mainstream as CNN is willing to not only talk about fecal transplant therapy, but to do so in a light that explores it as a viable option rather than dismissing it as a wackjob’s folly. Thanks, CNN!

[EDIT] Interestingly, the day after I posted this article, I came across this item on the Huffington Post.

Fecal Transplant Reveals The Power Of Poop

And while this particular video is a slightly more juvenile presentation, in a “Hee hee… poop!!” sort of way, it does present fecal bacteriotherapy as a viable and effective option. Awesome!