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Queen bee 1

Queen bee 1 (Photo credit: quisnovus)

It’s been a mystery for the last decade or so…. Why have colonies of bees begun to just disappear? The workers abandon their hives, leaving the queen to starve. At first it was an oddity, but the more widespread it becomes, the more of a concern it is. After all, without bees, how will farmers’ crops get pollinated? There’s potential for a complete collapse of our agricultural system.

As reported by Reuters today, it seems that a potential cause for Colony Collapse Disorder has been found.


Long story short: Apparently, pesticides can cause problems for bees. Did you know that? Who would have thought that the pesticides we put on our crops might have some adverse effect on the insects that pollinate those crops! It’s shocking!!

Sarcasm aside, did we seriously need research to tell us this? Are we really so completely out of touch with the systemic and interconnected ways that nature works that we thought we could get away with using pesticides and not impact pollinators?

I truly believe it is this adopted ignorance that creates a system in which people like me and you end up with Crohn’s Disease. Or Multiple Sclerosis. Or Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Or any of the other First World autoimmune disorders that increasingly plague our culture. I promise you this… until Monsanto, ADM, Bayer, and the rest of the agribusiness giants stop tinkering with systems they don’t understand, it’s going to get worse before it gets better.