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Crohnology: The Crohn’s and Colitis Social Network

I’ve written in the past about Sean Ahren and Will Cole’s project, Crohnology. It’s a social networking site specifically for IBD folks, and it’s an incredibly useful site for sharing information regarding treatments, remedies, and coping tools for living with IBD.

I bring it up again because in the last few weeks, Sean and Will have been VERY industrious, adding a ton of new features, as well as making the layout a lot more usable. If you haven’t visited Crohnology yet (or if you have and weren’t hooked right away), I’d strongly encourage you to check it out. The project is still in the beta phase, but every day, I’m seeing improvements. It gets more polished and higher performance all the time. I’ve really appreciated Sean and Will’s availability through the whole process… they’ve been incredibly responsive to my bug reports and feature requests.

Even better than that, though, is the fact that the user base is growing and growing. More users means more interesting questions and lots more useful information. If you’re an IBD person who’s actively engaged in your health care, you owe it to yourself to give Crohnology a try. If you’re already on the site, and we haven’t connected yet, be sure to friend me!

Are you already using Crohnology? What do you think of it?