So here’s an interesting article about the use of antibiotics on organic apples and pears. As a consumer who goes out of their way (and pushes their budget) to always purchase organic when possible, I have to say that this was deeply disappointing to learn. I’m not generally a big fan of fruit, but apples are something I really enjoy. And while it’s not hard to get honeycrisp and jonagold apples when they’re in season, a) they aren’t always in season, and b) they aren’t really my favorite varieties.

This is incredibly germane for us IBD folks, who are working so hard to restore healthy colonies of gut flora… eating foods with antibiotics runs the risk of undoing all our hard work.

Do you buy organic produce? Why or why not? Does this come as a surprise to you? Are you going to do anything about it?

Many thanks to Sunny Sleevez for reblogging this!