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Yes, that is my hand.

Of all the various symptoms I experience related to autoimmune disorders, onycholysis is the one that most frequently offends my vanity. I’m a fairly ‘metro’ kind of dude, and this just totally harshes my mellow. Apparently it’s a fairly common symptom of psoriasis. I’m grateful that it looks worse than it feels, but holy smokes does it look bad! I don’t really understand the how’s or the why’s but my fingernails literally detach themselves from the nail bed. It hasn’t
happened yet, but sometimes I worry that I’m actually going to lose a fingernail. I can tell you this, though… Bending a fingernail back when it’s only barely attached is something you want to never experience. Take my word for it!

Do you ever have onycholysis? Have you found any way to treat it? If so, I’d really like to hear about it!