I was saddened this morning to hear of the sudden and untimely death of Alan Schachter. Alan was a uniquely well-informed blogger of Crohn’s information, and was always generous with his knowledge and his time. I only knew him through blogging-related correspondence, but I always appreciated his knowledgeable, rational approach to disease management. You will be missed, Alan.

Crohn's Dad

Hello All-

This is Alan’s daughter, Laura- the one with Crohn’s and his inspiration for everything he did here and in all the communities in which he helped so many people. I am typing through the tears to tell you that my father- the reason I am alive, the reason I am healthy, and the most important man in my life- passed away suddenly Sunday morning July 8th, 2012.

My dad was out on a bike ride with his two best friends, Harvey and Jeff, and apparently had a massive heart attack that killed him instantly.

My grandfather, his father, died of the same thing when he was 51, although he had smoked his whole life and not eaten healthfully at all. My father spent the majority of his life dedicated to not succumbing to this same fate, doing everything in his power to prolong his life and be around…

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