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Microscopic image (200-fold magnification) of ...

Microscopic image (200-fold magnification) of Candida albicans ATCC 10231, grown on cornmeal agar medium with 1% Tween80. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’re following SCD, you probably take for granted the idea that gut health, and gut flora, are a powerful key to effective health management…. after all, it makes perfect sense that the healthier your gut is, the less likely you are to suffer symptoms related to gut disease!

But lets zoom out a level here. If healthy and well-balanced gut flora colonies have a relieving and curing effect on IBD, then what effect do they have on other conditions? How important is healthy gut flora to overall system health? What can go wrong when gut flora are not healthy and balanced? Surprisingly (and disappointingly), in the world of allopathic health care, this is a pretty ‘out there’ kind of conversation!

I’m encouraged to see, however, an increased amount of conversation around this topic, and even more pleased to see it happening in ostensibly ‘traditional’ venues (and by traditional, I mean western, modern, allopathic circles). For example, I came across this article today in the IBD and LDN Chat Group on Facebook today:


The article discusses possible links between gut flora health and mental health. Now, I recognize that Mercola.com isn’t exactly The Lancet, as far as general acceptance goes, but that isn’t the point. The point is that this conversation is happening. It’s so very important that, as a people, we begin to recognize how important our gut flora are, so that we can take good care of them, and in turn, of ourselves. I, for one, welcome our new bacterial overlords.