I know by looking at the page statistics that one of the most popular parts of this blog is my SCD Dining Out page, wherein I chronicle my experiences with attempting to reconcile my occasionally incompatible desires for SCD-compliance and for delightful scrumptiousness. I enjoy writing the page, as it gives me incentive to try new places, as well as an opportunity to play with my writing, not to mention, provide a hopefully useful service to the local SCD community. But there’s a limitation here…. I’m only one person, in one place. I can only eat at so many different restaurants, and I don’t (currently) travel much. This is where you come in, dear reader.

I would like to create a page of reader-submitted restaurant reviews, that have a focus on SCD-legality (or lack thereof). I’d love to create a database of some kind so that SCD folks could find places to eat by region, type of cuisine, price point, etc. Is this something to which you might be willing to contribute? If so, I’d LOVE to hear from you!! Even if you’re in the PDX area, I’d still love your contributions, as I *know* there are tons of great places around here I haven’t tried.

No, there’s no money involved here, merely the satisfaction of helping other members of the SCD community.

So waddya say? If you’re thinking about it, but not sure where to get started, check out my SCD Dining Out page. And please don’t think that you need your reviews to read like mine… I’d love to hear YOUR voice, and YOUR experience.

If you’d like to participate (and I surely hope that you do!), leave me a comment on this post, and I’ll get in touch via email (please use a valid email when commenting…. your email is only available to me, the blog owner). If we collaborate on this, it needn’t be anything formal or scheduled… I have enough deadlines at work, and I’m sure you do too!

I’m super excited about this possible collaboration…. are you?