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Sean Ahrens is a busy guy. He and his buddy, Will, been working on a new website for us Crohnies. It’s called Crohnology. I suppose that one could say that it’s like Facebook, but for Crohnies. That wouldn’t quite be accurate. It is, however, a really powerful social networking tool for people with Crohn’s. It’s a place for us to gather and to commiserate, certainly, but more importantly, it’s a place for us to share information. What treatments have you used? How did they work for you? Are you still using them? One might say that it’s a platform for peer-based medical information. Of course we need doctors… they provide us a valuable service! But I don’t know a single IBD-er that wouldn’t like a less formalized (and less expensive!) place to get not just brochure-type marketing information, but first-hand experiential narrative, straight from the folks who experienced it.

I’ve been spending a fair amount of time there, and I can tell you that exciting things are happening. The site is still in private beta, but I have 9 invites remaining. Go check it out here: Crohnology If you’re interested in joining, I’d love to send you an invite. Just follow this blog, and leave a comment. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Like any piece of software at the beta phase, part of the responsibility of using it is recognizing that it’s growing and changing over time and to allow for a certain amount of quirkiness as that process occurs. I have found that Sean and Will have been *incredibly* responsive to bug reports, feature requests, etc. I know that Sean and the rest of the Crohnology community would welcome your voice.