While some part of my intention in starting this blog was to reach out to others, its primary purpose was to serve as a public venue for holding myself accountable. After all, if others are reading what I’m doing, then I’d better be doing it right!

But it’s obvious from the comments, emails, and other communiques (not to mention the 10,000 page views!) that I’ve received, that something bigger than that is happening here. And you, my dear readers, are each and every one of you part of it! Thank you so much.

This seems as good a time as any, and perhaps better than some, to reach out to you. It’s a great challenge to a blogger to consistently come up with interesting material about which to write. This is especially true when you have a blog that’s focused on a particularly niche subject. So I ask you, dear readers… what would *you* like to read here? How can I make My Cranky Gut a more useful and interesting resource for you? Please comment below or send me an email and let me know.

Thank you for reading, and for just being awesome!!!