I loved this post discussing the importance of maintaining and loving this container we live in. We are so much more than our bodies, and yet these fleshy vessels are ours in which to reside this time around.

Paleo Works: How To Diet

There is a fundamental part of us that is not physical that existed before we were born and that will continue long into the night.  This is our essence, never changing, constant.  And it is this part when connected with our physical bodies that gave us and continues to give us  – life.

What do you give back?

How well are you looking after this magical, mystical gift?

There are many ways to give back, to honour this presence.  The first and simplest way is to provide a safe, vibrant, healthy place to live and that means taking care of your body!  Accept this responsibility with gratitude and love for make no mistake, it is your responsibility and one to which you must commit.  That’s part of the deal.

If you moved into a house and over time the walls began to crumble, the windows bowed, the door frames stuck…

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