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If you have IBD and you’ve seen a naturopathic doctor, then you’ve probably heard of Leaky Gut Syndrome.  If you have IBD and you only see an allopathic doctor, then there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of it!

The gut has 2 basic jobs:  1) Process usable nutrients and allow them to enter the body, and 2) identify harmful or useless components of food and prevent them from entering the body. In a sense, the gut could be thought of as a sieve. The basic premise behind Leaky Gut is that the holes in that sieve have gotten too big, allowing particles into the system that would otherwise be excluded, or processed further before being allowed to pass. The presence of the ‘macromolecules’ are believed to cause a variety of ailments within the body. Not surprisingly, this is not something that western, allopathic doctors ascribe to. But it is an idea that is gaining wider acceptance. A post on the Crohn’s Dad blog today highlighted an interesting abstract that links Leaky Gut with the entire spectrum of autoimmune disorders, and further postulates that by resolving Leaky Gut, there is potential for also resolving those disorders. Pretty intriguing stuff! Here’s a link to the blog post, which contains sources, etc. I find the possibilities here quite fascinating.