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There are many things that can help a blogger be productive, interesting, and generally useful to his readers.  Getting laid up with a flu after a crazy holiday is, generally speaking, not one of them.  Having said that, I think I’m about ready to once again start my general ramblings about cranky guts and healthy diets.

The holiday season can be a difficult time for folks wishing to remain loyal to SCD.  Not only are some of the holiday mainstays blatantly illegal (Oh how I miss you, mashed potatoes and biscuits!), but also there are plenty of sneakier items that one has to keep an eye out for.  SCD-legal gravy, anybody?  If you know of one, I’d love to get that recipe!!  Ham?  Almost always cured in sugar.  Heck, even the turkey is sometimes tainted if it was brined.  We spent Thanksgiving at my brother’s house.  This is fortunate for me since my sister-in-law is a fellow Crohnie and has lived the SCD lifestyle periodically, so not only were they able to tell me what on the table was legal, but I could even trust their assessment without having to ask for an exhaustive list of ingredients.  Bonus!

As a contribution to dinner, Diana and I brought along a couple of dishes.  A ridiculously huge bowl of cheesy mashed cauliflower was my insurance that no matter what, there would be SOMETHING I could eat.  We also made one of Diana’s favorites: a gratin of butternut squash loaded with cheese, cream and roasted pumpkin seeds.  The cream isn’t legal sadly, so I had a small taste and left it at that.  Finally, we made a really yummy dessert.  Diana and I have been experimenting with cocoa powder lately.  I seem to be responding well to it, so we’ve been making occasional treats with cocoa, honey, and other stuff.  In this case, we made a ganache/pudding using cocoa, honey and avocado (sounds weird, tastes AMAZING!!!).  We baked a tart shell made of almond flour, lined it with some raspberry sauce, filled it with the cocoa stuff, and topped it with fresh raspberries.  It.  Was.  Delicious!

Diana and I had big plans for Thanksgiving weekend.  Plans that included a lot of shuffling of ‘stuff’ all over the house.  Friday was awesome!  We got so much cleaning and organizing done!  I woke up Saturday feeling a little ‘off’… stuffy, mild sore throat, and a sick taste in my mouth.  By the end of the day, I was flat on my back, shivering and hot with fever, with barely enough strength to walk around the house.  I stayed like this until Wednesday.  Lame.  So much for banking some PTO at work.  Here it is now 10 days after getting sick, and while I mostly feel ok, I’m going through an entire forest’s worth of kleenex EVERY DAY!  As someone who cares about the environment and who is often a bit anachronistic, I generally prefer to carry a hankie, but I would need about 5 a day at the rate I’m going right now!  I had no idea the body was capable of producing so much snot.  Definitely looking forward to this passing.

In other interesting news, I’ve been following my Low-Dose Naltrexone regimen for about 3.5 weeks now.  I’ve things to say about it, but I’m going save that for a dedicated post, so stay tuned!

I appreciate your patience while I’ve taken a break from the blogging, and thank you so much to those of you that checked up on me.  I was really touched that folks whom I’ve never met noticed my absence.

How was your holiday?  What SCD tricks and secrets did you rely on to get you through that day of gluttony, sugars, and starches?