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In being honest with ourselves about our guts, we have to face the truth…. us IBD folks just don’t get all the nutrients out of our food that we need. This is especially true for those of us who have had portions of our innards removed. Of course, not everyone agrees on even this.

As I’ve mentioned before, I see both an allopathic, ‘western’ doctor and a naturopathic doctor. My allopathic doctor feels that losing a mere 18″ of colon and wasn’t enough to have any real impact on my nutritional absorption, and shrugs off my use of supplements as a personal choice that I am free to make but one that he would not. Working with my naturopath however, I’ve developed a regimen of supplementation that I’m convinced is keeping me healthier and feeling better. If you’re using, or considering using supplementation to help manage your health, I’d encourage you to talk to someone who knows about this stuff before just grabbing off the shelf and developing your own regimen. I’d like to share what I take, but I’d also like to say in no uncertain terms that this is *not* a medical recommendation. If you choose to duplicate my regimen, that is your choice, not my suggestion!

Ok, having gotten that out of the way, here’s what I take every day:

  • With every meal, 2 capsules of Thorne Plantizyme, a plant-based digestive enzyme supplement.
  • With breakfast and with lunch, I also take 2000 mg. Vitamin C and a well-rounded Vitamin B complex.
  • At bedtime, I take another 2000 mg. Vitamin C, 5000 mg. Vitamin D-3, and 1/4 tsp. Klair Vital-Dophilus (a pro-biotic containing equal parts l. acidopholus and l. rhamnosus. 5 billion CFU each) mixed in water.  I also take my LDN at bedtime, but that’s a medication, not a supplement.

I have found this to be a pretty good routine for me. My energy levels are more stable and generally higher, my skin is relatively clear of psoriasis, and my constipation is less frequent.

Are you using supplements regularly? What are you taking and how did you devise your regimen? How well is it working for you? Are you considering any changes? What and why? Leave me a comment and talk to me about your supplements.