In addition to the various other hats I wear, one of the things I do when I’m not blogging is working for the TEAM OREGON Motorcycle Safety Program, where I serve as an instructor, teaching students how to safely ride a motorcycle and giving them the opportunity to earn their license endorsement.  Every year in November (this coming weekend, as a matter of fact), the program holds its annual Instructor Awards Banquet.  It’s a modest affair, as befits a publicly owned (though self-funded) office, held at a modest hotel in the modest town of Keizer, Oregon.  Mostly its an opportunity for 150 instructors from all over the state to meet somewhere other than in a class, share a drink and a meal together, and clap each other on the back for doing our part to keep people safe on the road.  The challenge for me this year is going to be the part where we all enjoy a modest meal from the modest buffet.  I can foresee a high degree of probability that I will eat the following: undressed iceberg lettuce, steamed green beans, and a whole lot of nothing else!  It is possible that there will be some kind of un-gravied meat there, but I won’t know until it’s served.  If my pre-dinner cocktail hits me sideways, I may even go so far as to grab a dinner roll so that I can fondle it and hold it up to my nose, breathing deeply it’s yeasty aromas… and leaving it on the plate uneaten.  I also know that the regular restaurant menu at the hotel will have little to offer one who adheres to SCD.  Something tells me that I’ll be packing a cooler of stuff I can eat in the car during the long drive home!