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So at the same time that I was posting that last article, Comfy Belly was busy posting an even more interesting one to their Facebook page!


This is a much more broad ranging article, exploring the role that microbes play in our health, and the effects that our actions can have on them.  It also describes the upcoming Human Microbiome Project, in which a study will be made of the various microbiomes present in healthy humans, and the microbe profiles of those biomes.

It’s interesting to think about our body containing biomes, but really it makes sense.  A biome does not have to be outside of us.  All throughout our bodies are regions with unique characteristics, and unique relationships with and reliance upon various microbes.  On top of that, all those microbiomes combine together to create one cohesive biome that is our bodies.  It really illustrates, for me, the way that nature is comprised of small, elegant constructs that grow exponentially.  I’m struck right now with the image of the universe as a giant set of matryoshka dolls.  Beautiful and elegant, from an engineering perspective.