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picture of pillsIt’s no surprise to most of us Crohnies that gut flora and intestinal health (specifically, the presence or remission of Crohn’s or Colitis) are closely linked.  For some reason though, the Western, allopathic medicine community, in their slavish devotion to clinical data, has been slower to come round to this.  So it was interesting to stumble across this article.


It outlines a study in which increased use of antibiotics was closely linked with the frequency of IBD.  An interesting quote:  “It’s not that antibiotics cause inflammatory bowel disease, but that it further supports the hypothesis that changing the gut flora may be disadvantageous”.

One of my big ‘soapbox’ issues is the overuse of antibiotics and antibacterial household products.  It’s my firm belief that as a society, we are paving the way for a Great Plague by selectively breeding stronger and more resistant bacteria.  Don’t misunderstand me…. antibiotics have their place, and there are certainly contexts in which it’s appropriate to clean one’s self and one’s work space as completely of bacteria as possible.  But to do this all the time?  Dangerous waters, my friend.  Bacteria have shown us time and time again how adept they are at becoming something new and stronger.

At any rate, I find it both interesting and encouraging to see mainstream medicine beginning to come round to ideas that natural medicine has been using for…. centuries?  Decades, at any rate.