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As posted by Paul Stocker, over at the Eating SCD blog:

It seems that researchers at Cambridge have “now identified a gene expression profile that can divide patients with CD and UC into two otherwise undistinguishable subgroups — those with a high incidence of treatment-nonresponsive, frequently relapsing, or chronically active disease and those with mild disease.”

While I recognize that this is a long way from any sort of commercially available test, this feels quite relevant to me.  My first colonoscopy is next week, and as discussed previously, once the results are back, I’ll be making some important choices about the next phase of my Crohn’s management.  While my experience indicates that I have a ‘mild’ case of Crohn’s (i.e. no excruciating pain, etc), it would be terrific to have as much empirical or clinical data as possible before committing to any particular treatment.