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One of the toughest things about adopting SCD has been saying goodbye to bread.  It’s one of my favorite foods, and I didn’t even realize how attached I was to it until I couldn’t have it anymore (ain’t that always the way??).  Fortunately, I stumbled across this terrific recipe at Comfy Belly.

Cashew Bread Recipe

I used the single, large loaf option, and it turned out so very deliciously!  My only complaint, if you can call it that, is that the bread is VERY delicate and difficult to eat by hand, because it falls apart.  I don’t think this is indicative of the recipe, however… I think it’s more due to my technique.  I think a convection oven might have helped, and it’s possible I overwhipped the egg whites.  Next time, I’ll try baking it just a little longer, and whipping the egg whites just a little bit less.

I think the thing I like best about this recipe is that it’s not just tasty as bread substitutes go.  It’s actually really tasty all on its own and stands up, I think, as a legitimate bread thing.  Anyway, it’s worth a try whether you’re rollin’ the SCD lifestyle or not!