Having survived a weekend of dinners out with moderate levels of success, Diana and I are preparing for our next big SCD compliance challenge… 5 days not only away from home, but away from any hoity-toity organic hippy grocery store.

Diana and I, along with our daughter, my mom and her wife, as well as my brother, his SO and their son, will be spending a few days in Oceanside, OR, a ridiculously quaint hamlet west of Tillamook.  The nearest real grocery store is normally about 5 miles away.  Sadly, the normal access road is washed out and is still closed, so we’ll be taking the roundabout route.  This makes the grocery store enough of a haul that we’ll want to make sure we show up there with as much forethought, planning and preparation as possible.

Normally, this wouldn’t really be a big deal.  But maintaining an SCD diet complicates things.  All the normal rules of ‘convenience food’ no longer apply.  Obviously, we’re going to have to make most of our food before hand and bring it with us.  We’ve already got a brisket brining for either corned beef or pastrami.  We’ll make a roast beef as well.  Along with some fresh fruit, trail mix/granola and cheeses, this should cover most of our snacking needs, as well as serving as substitutes if everyone else is eating stuff we can’t.  A big pot of chicken soup should be a welcome addition as well.

Now we’re trying to come up with an SCD-legal ‘hot dish’ style thing to bring along for all to enjoy for dinner one night.  I’ll have to start digging through the various other SCD recipe blogs out there to see what I can turn up.

What about you?  Do you maintain SCD-compliance?  How have you handled extended stays away from home?  Any good recipes to share for easily-transported dishes?  Leave a comment and fill me in!