One of the interesting results of being more in tune with my food is that I’m taking an increased interest in the politics of the food industry.  Don’t get me wrong… even before SCD and Crohn’s, I could have waxed furious about the evils of corporate beef, the pending Armageddon being brought on by government corn subsidies, and the superiority of organic foods.  But as so often happens, when you look underneath a large, ugly rock, what you often find is even uglier

One of my favorite new blogs, Food Renegade,  posted a fascinating and horrifying story the other day.  Rather than rephrasing the whole thing, I’ll let you read it and come to your own conclusion.  The real gut punch for me though was that, as it turns out, it is not illegal for a company to produce and distribute food tainted with salmonella.  As far as the federal government is concerned, it’s totally ok.  But god forbid you should want to produce and distribute raw, unpasteurized milk to people who have requested it.  This is a felony.

Further updates as warranted, but I welcome your comments.  What are your thoughts on the food industry and it’s relation to Washington?  I’ve got a few more posts along these lines brewing.  Stay tuned….