Today was the first time since going on SCD that I really felt like the whole thing was a serious bummer.  Diana and I have been making amazing SCD food at home and it’s been keeping me pretty darn optimistic.  By dinner time today though, the lack of convenience was seriously getting me down.

Today was a big day.  It was my first busy ‘out and about’ day since the surgery (see Some Context if you don’t know what surgery).  In addition to the several errands we needed to run, the Alberta Street Fair was happening in our neighborhood today and since I’ve been getting tired of being a convalescing hermit, I told Diana that even if I could only handle a couple of blocks of the 20-block-long event, by god we were gonna be there!!  We went early, while the crowds were still waiting for tables at the neighborhood eateries, and had a really nice, mellow time wandering around, checking out the various vendors, galleries and vintage shops.  Let’s be clear… Portland takes it’s mobile restaurants very seriously.  Accordingly, there were TONS of food carts there, all serving their various specialties.  Just out of curiosity, each time we walked by one, I checked out their menus.  While not entirely surprised, I was disappointed to find that there was not a single item at a single food cart that I could eat.  Not one.

On an emotional level, this really felt defeating.  I kept coming back to this idea that I can’t be a normal person anymore.  Don’t misunderstand me…. intellectually I know that there is no normal, I know that MOST people shouldn’t be eating those foods, I know that I’m building a happier, healthier life for myself.  But knowing it and feeling it are two different things.

On a more academic level, it brought a variety of thoughts to mind.  I recently watched the documentary, Food, Inc.  The movie explored the business of food, and thanks to my recent adoption of the SCD, the part that really caught my interest was the business of grain.  In particular, the government subsidization of corn and other grains which keep the price of grain artificially low.  Ironic, I thought, that my tax dollars are what make it so difficult to get the food I need to get.

I think my next million dollar idea is SCD/GAPS compliant convenience food.  Further updates as warranted.